Top 5 health benefits of freediving – for your mental and physical wellbeing

Top 5 health benefits of freediving – for your mental and physical wellbeing

French freediver and writer Jacques Mayol, also known as “the Dolphin Man”, famously said:

“Freediving is about silence...the silence that comes from within.”

Silent. Slow and excitingly peaceful. Freediving helps you find your zen mode.


40 or so years since the height of his career in the 80s, thousands of people from all over the world are still drawn to the ocean and the many health benefits that freediving offers – even in an era of instant gratification and social media.

But what exactly makes freediving so popular? Is it just a matter of pushing your limits, or are there some health benefits too?

The answer is a resounding YES.

Freediving is good for your body and mind. And by exercising and developing good habits, you can enjoy lifelong health and wellness.

So – without further ado – below are the top health benefits of freediving.


Freediving health

benefit #1: freediving reduces anxiety and stress

Much like meditation, freediving involves holding and controlling your breathing.

There are scientific studies that prove that breathing exercises can help manage stress by slowing down your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure and releasing tension in your body.

These physical changes, in turn, help calm your mind and reduce stress and anxiety. So that even when you’re not diving, you maintain overall lower stress levels. Or at least you won’t feel as overwhelmed by stressful situations.


Benefit #2: it helps your stay focused and in control

If you get distracted easily, freediving is the kind of water sport that commands your full attention.

And whether your goal is to:

  • go deeper and set personal records
  • improve your breath-hold time
  • spend more time underwater exploring amazing sites
  • learn different equalisation techniques  
  • move gracefully through the water – with and without fins 



Benefit #3: it gives you confidence

Among the many freediving benefits is the increase in confidence.

Freedivers have a higher awareness of their surroundings, where their every movement is intentional.

And as you improve your skills and notice your progress, your confidence in the water will soar. This water confidence will automatically spill into other areas of your life.


Benefit #4: it’s good for your joints

A less-known health benefit of freediving, is that it’s therapeutic for joints.

The underwater pressure can, in fact, reduce pressure on the joints.

And unlike other sports (like jogging) that can accelerate the wear and tear of the joints, freediving can help reduce swelling in the joints, reduce stiffness and even ease the pain of arthritis.


Benefit #5: it improves your strength and endurance

Freediving means lots of swimming, trading water and doing different breathing and training exercises. It’s a great full-body workout that makes you more flexible and gives you higher cardiovascular endurance.

So as well as clearing your mind, freediving shapes your body by toning your muscles, reducing body fat and improving your overall fitness.


Are you ready?

Freediving is very, very good for you.

And if you’re focused and committed to self-learning, freediving gives you room to always learn new skills, pursue more goals, and reach higher levels of relaxation.

And if you want to further explore the realm of possibilities, why not try an underwater scooter for freediving? It’s a unique and exciting way to discover coral reefs and feel closer to nature.

But no matter how old you are and whether you’re new to the ocean and diving lifestyle, it’s never too late to start freediving and enjoy its many physical and psychological benefits.

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