Unveiling the Latest Diving Gear & Technologies: Highlights from Dive Talk's 2023 Virtual Dive Show

Unveiling the Latest Diving Gear & Technologies: Highlights from Dive Talk's 2023 Virtual Dive Show

Diving enthusiasts from around the world gathered virtually for the Dive Talk show, featuring some of the best diving equipment brands in the market. The event was an opportunity for brands to showcase their latest products and technologies, and engage with divers about their experiences and preferences. 

Participating brands included Ocean Reef, Bare, Kiss Rebreathers, Brownies, Blu3, Spare Air, Stream2Sea, Apeks, Dive Rite, Orca Torch, OMS, Sherwood, Akona, Genesis, Scubapro, OTS, Fourth Element, Lefeet, and Sea Pearls.

Throughout the event, various diving equipment categories were discussed, providing divers with a comprehensive look at the latest gear and technology available in the market. Here are some of the categories that were mentioned:

Dry Suits

Bare introduced their high-quality dry suit, commended for its durability and high-performance material. The product has been designed to provide maximum comfort and protection during diving activities.


Kiss Rebreathers discussed the latest technologies in rebreathers, providing divers with an opportunity to explore deeper and stay underwater for longer durations.

Dive Lights

Orca Torch displayed their range of dive lights, designed to provide visibility and illuminate the underwater environment.

Dive Computers

Apeks presented their latest dive computers, designed to track vital dive data and provide divers with the necessary information for a safe and enjoyable dive.


Fourth Element discussed their unique approach to sustainability, emphasizing the importance of minimizing waste and environmental impact in the diving industry. Their commitment to using recycled materials and reducing carbon emissions was well-received, and their concept was praised for its eco-friendliness and forward-thinking.

Dive Bags

Akona presented their dive bags, designed to be durable and provide adequate space to carry diving equipment.

Dive Watches

Genesis displayed their range of dive watches, designed to provide divers with accurate timekeeping and vital dive data.

Dive Knives

Sherwood showcased their range of dive knives, designed to be durable and useful for cutting through various underwater materials.

Snorkeling Gear

Ocean Reef displayed their range of snorkeling gear, designed to provide comfortable and enjoyable snorkeling experiences.

Scubapro was also in attendance and brought a range of equipment to showcase, including their regulators, wetsuits, and jet fins. The brand highlighted the innovative technology behind their products, which have been designed with the latest features to ensure optimal performance and comfort during dives. Their presentation was informative and engaging, and they received a great response from the audience.

At LEFEET, we are proud to have showcased our Personal Diving Propulsion Vehicles (PDV), aka underwater scooters, which have been designed with cutting-edge technology to provide an effortless and enjoyable diving experience. Our products received a lot of positive attention from the hosts and the audience, who praised the scooters' sleek design, easy handling, and powerful performance. We are thrilled to have received such a warm response to our brand and products.

LEFEET was honored to participate in this virtual dive show, and we are proud to be a part of such a vibrant and dynamic industry. We are committed to making diving accessible and enjoyable for everyone, and our products are designed to help achieve that goal. We are honored to be part of such a vibrant and dynamic industry and look forward to continuing to provide divers with the best diving experience possible.

If you missed the live stream of the event, you can watch the playback on YouTube or the highlight part of the LEFEET showcase part here.

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