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LEFEET C1 Dive Gear Backpack

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C1 backpack is still under development and optimization. You can refer to our current page for the basic functions and form and actual products may vary due to product enhancement or change.

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30L Capacity

The C1 Backpack provides enough room to carry all your essentials and more, making it perfect for your outdoor escapades.

Customized For C1

Designed specifically for the C1, this backpack is tailor-made to securely fit your C1 main unit inside. The external straps are thoughtfully placed to fasten your hoverboard, so you can effortlessly take your C1 on all your outdoor journeys.

Waterproof Zippers

Your peace of mind is our priority. The C1 Backpack is equipped with waterproof zippers to safeguard your personal belongings from any water damage.

Watertight Container With Easy Drainage

Any accumulated water is kept in container when bag is upright, so as not to spill in car. On-demand drainage allows water to pour out easily when desired, prior to laying flat.

Comfortable And Secure

Padded shoulder straps and waist belt provide for more comfortable travel.

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