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LEFEET Dive Gear Backpack

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Material : 500DPVC+ mesh cloth

Capacity : 45L

Size : 50cm*18cm*40cm


Mesh pockets on both sides to accommodate different types of fins.


Two waterproof storage areas. 
Top and front storage areas are fully waterproof, to hold and protect valuables, phone, keys, etc.

Watertight Container With Easy Drainage

Any accumulated water is kept in container when bag is upright, so as not to spill in car. On-demand drainage allows water to pour out easily when desired, prior to laying flat.


Main compartment is designed with large zipper, making it easy to store your S1/1Pro, BCD, and other dive gear.

Design Features

Inside is designed with four Velcro straps to keep S1/S1Pro in place, and offer better protection.

Additional Protection For Batteries

Included are two waterproof storage bags that hold one battery and one charger each, to keep your batteries and chargers protected.

Comfortable And Secure

Padded shoulder straps and waist belt provide for more comfortable travel.

Package Includes

1. Bag *1

2. Battery storage bag *2

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