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LEFEET S1 PRO | The Ultimate Modular Water Scooter

Rating: 4.77 out of 5
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Why Do You Need A Water Scooter?

Safer Water Sports Experience

Electric propulsion makes navigating through dangerous ocean currents easier and more efficient

A water scooter can quickly help you get back to shore if you are swept away by the current while snorkeling

Save Physical Energy

Allows you to effortlessly and smoothly glide through the water, resulting in energy conservation and reduced scuba tank consumption

Following an exhausting dive adventure, utilizing a water scooter could facilitate the return trip to the coastline or vessel

Move Faster

You'll be able to chase fish and see more marine life than ever before

Obtain additional velocity to expedite your movement instead of relying solely on swimming and using your fins

Fun For The Whole Family

The modular design enables it to be worn and attached to various circumstances effortlessly through its wireless remote. This feature also provides the opportunity to mix and match different accessories to unlock more possibilities

Why Choose LEFEET S1 PRO

The World's First Modular Underwater Scooter

The first one innovatively bring up the modular design idea in water scooters In 2018

Mix and match parts and accessories to suit various uses such as wearable, scuba tank attaching, and paddle board motorized

It still has unlimited possibilities waiting for unlocked more add-ons and extensions

Wireless Control

Breakthrough in underwater communication, realizing stability wireless control in water (which is not easy)

Release from wires, more freely and flexibly when exploring

Allows simultaneous control of up to 10 scooters within a 150cm/60 inches radius

Replaceable Battery

Battery life: 35 to 70 minutes based on the speed setting, around one scuba dive trip

Quick replaced in 5 seconds

Designed for air travel with regulations (2 additional batteries are allowed in carry-on luggage)

Innovative R&D From Scratch

Product-oriented team, successfully bring the bulky DPVs to consumer-level water scooters

Have won several industrial design awards

Recognized and referred by professional divers, underwater photographers, and international rescue associations

Fastest and Most Powerful

Single jet modes: 8 kgf / 16 lbf

Three Speed Settings

Low: 1.2m/s | 4.3km/h | 2.7mph

Medium: 1.5m/s | 5.4km/h | 3.4mph

High: 1.8m/s | 6.5km/h | 4mph

Capable of carrying weights exceeding 100kg / 220lbs

Dual Jet Modes: 16kgf / 35lbf

Maximum Speed 2.3m/s | 8.28km/h | 5.2mph

It is recommended to use the double-power dual jet mode for individuals with a weight exceeding 70kg / 155lbs

Safe to Use

Keep your finger on the trigger to activate the scooter

If you release the trigger, the scooter will stop

Controller safety lock to prevent accident triggering

It is highly advisable to trigger the water scooter only for horizontal forward at equal depths.

Avoid activating the scooter for rapid vertical diving down, always pay attention to the ear pressure equalization during depth changes.

Compact And Easy Traveling

The S1 PRO device along with its modular accessories can effortlessly fit into your luggage to be portable.

For Underwater Photography

Our dual jet bracket can be used to easily DIY install an underwater camera with clips and straps.

The dual jet mode provides enough thrust to effortlessly carry your scuba equipment along with your heavy shooting and recording equipment.

Using with LEFEET S1 PRO, you can maintain a steady pace and capture smooth footage without possible micro jitters that may occur while hand-holding your camera

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Juan Soto Lopez

Greetings, my impression of the presentation of the product is very good, in addition the unit feels very solid the batteries arrived charged ready to use my general impression is good I love the unit!!!

Matthew Palmer

Great product. I already had two of these so brought extra to kit the family out. Power is exceptional and nice build quality. I did have minor issue with a battery, but it was sorted out promptly by the support team. Also thanks to the ordering team who accommodated my special request when buying a package. Would definitely recommend to anyone would likes spending time in the water!

Jeffrey Bozanic

likes my Lefeet thrusters. I have been wearing them on the dives we need to travel longer distances. I turn them on, run a few minutes, then have to stop and wait for the others on scooters to catch up. They are started/ stopped using a hand controller, which Greg Cat captured in one of his pictures of me. They really are quite fun. I used them on the Numidia wreck to 250 fsw (76m).

Rick Iossi

The Lefeet S1 scooter travels easier than any other system I’ve used. It may not have the same power as the larger units for stronger current situations, but it certainly is a lot lighter and more portable for convenient, carry-on air travel.  Some photos from free diving the blue hole on Malta. 


Let's have fun!

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