LEFEET P1 Was Successfully Funded $515K on Kickstarter

LEFEET P1 Was Successfully Funded $515K on Kickstarter

After LEFEET’s successful crowdfunding campaign for the S1, the company launched another one on Kickstarter for the new LEFEET P1 on 6 March 2024.

LEFEET P1 was selected as “Projects We Love”. It was funded in less than 15 minutes and raised US$515,803 (5158% funded) in total.

Scuba Diving, a PADI Worldwide company“really liked the ease and simplicity of using the P1. The operation is very user-friendly. As are its lightweight, compact dimensions.The system is very versatile and can be modified on the fly without tools into any of its various configurations."

DIVEIN, one of the best in-depth review websites, rated LEFEET P1 4.9 out of 5. They “loved how compact and lightweight the scooter, and how comfortable and easy it was to handle in the water.”

iF Design recognized LEFEET P1offers “best-of-class performance previously held by much larger and more expensive products, now compressed into a small, but powerful, versatile, airline legal design.”

Photo by Matthias Lebo
Amber Bourke, an athlete, and the deepset woman in Australia, praised LEFEET P1 is her “new preferred way to travel”, and wondered “Is this the smallest underwater scooter?
Saito Kohei, a Japanese underwater photographer and video creator, experienced LEFEET P1 and felt “it goes smoothly without kicking and is small enough to carry on land and in the water. It's an interesting item that will expand the world of both scuba divers and freedivers.”

Photo by @fonsidiventures on Instagram

From the S1 to the S1 Pro, and now the LEFEET P1, there has been a clear focus on reducing size and weight while enhancing functionality. LEFEET's commitment to revolutionizing underwater exploration with lightweight, potent, and user-friendly scooters has not only transformed the conventional DPV market but also established the company as a leader in underwater technology.

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign by chance, make sure to stay tuned to our official website for the upcoming P1 pre-sale.

Photo by @fonsidiventures on Instagram


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