LEFEET P1 | Versatile Underwater Scooter With Modular Design

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Modular Design

Light Weight

Wireless Control

Camera Mount

Airplane Legal

60M Waterproof patent tec

Innovative Modular Design

Experience the freedom of customization with our innovative modular design! Mix and match components to suit your unique needs.

Catering for All Your Needs

The LEFEET P1 is designed to be versatile and innovative, introducing a range of modes that will redefine your underwater experience.

Compact Yet Powerful

With weight of 5 pounds, LEFEET P1 will unleash its full potential as it propels you through the underwater adventure.

Enhanced Power and Battery Options

Choose between the standard 100wh battery or the XR 160wh battery for longer runtime and an additional speed level of about 2.3 meters per second (equivalent to 6 miles per hour).

Portable Charging Adapter

Our TypeC charging adapter doesn't just power the device; it can also charge your mobile phones, pads, computers, and more. It's like carrying around a 20,000mAh power bank!

Quick and Easy Assembly

Say goodbye to time-consuming setups! With our quick-release structure, you can assemble batteries and accessories without any tools.

What’s Inside The Box

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Product Rewards

Hands-on Review

User Feedback

If you are looking for a new underwater scooter, the P1 is the best one we have tried to date. This is a a game changer!

It’s one of the most versatile underwater scooter of the market with so many options and configuration.

It kind of reminds me of something that might appear in a James Bond movie.

It is super powerful – especially when used with the larger battery – yet compact and lightweight. 

This is the fastest I have seen in such a compact underwater scooter to date.

This device will offer best-of-class performance previously held by much larger and more expensive products.

Come on, who doesn’t want to be like “Aquaman”?

We really liked the ease and simplicity of using the P1.