Fizzyfloat Unicorn (With Remote Control)

MSRP Angebot$129.00

Fizzyfloat Unicorn, a perfect companion for summer getaway!

Easy to Use: Simply inflate the Pool Float using a manual or electric pump, and it's ready for action! It can be used in swimming pools, lakes, and beaches under parental guidance for kids' safety.

Ideal Inflatable: Create unforgettable family summer memories with bonding, outings, and pool parties. Enjoy a fun and relaxing summer season with your loved ones!

Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality and thick materials, our Pool Float ensures durability. It's child-safe, non-toxic, and meets US toy standards. Rest easy knowing it has passed rigorous safety tests.

When the unicorn meets LEFEET C1, an enchanting beauty comes to life...

Get ready to elevate your summer experience with Fizzyfloat Unicorn, the perfect choice for endless fun in the sun!



Customer Reviews

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Heavy Duty
Stays inflated, large enough for two

I haven’t been able to try this with the motor yet since I don’t have one and it doesn’t come with one. However, we just use it as a typical float in our pool. It stays inflated well and it’s large enough for both my daughter and I.

Jason R
Super fun addition to the C1 scooter

We've had a chance to try out a few underwater scooters, and I have to say Lefeet does as good a job as any manufacturer of supporting their products. The accessories they've made so far for their C1 underwater scooter are great, and this giant inflatable unicorn is such a fun way for the kids to get new use out of the scooter.

The inflatable itself is very well made with thick, durable material, and includes a patch kit in case we ever have an issue with it. It's large enough to hold three of our little ones and still carry them around the pool at a few mph. And the C1 is super easy to attach or detach -- no more than a few seconds is all it takes.

Overall a great addition to an excellent product line.

Maggie E Stewart

Got this for the lake, it's big enough for a cpl of adults, lots of fun, not real heavy, high quality material not easy to bust, n w the scooter under I can pull kids around while in the water. Which makes it a lot of fun

Love it!

This unicorn inflatable is a hit with my kids during pool time! The remote control adds an extra layer of fun, and its durability has impressed me. I highly recommend it for a magical water experience.

Gracie Lou
Unicorn Float

I was very disappointed to find this was just a float. But it is well made. I don't think that justifies the price but I guess it's my fault for not thoroughly reading the ad.