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Introducing our Kickboard, a featured product that enables the whole family to indulge in aquatic activities while still retaining the professional functionality needed to explore the ocean. Whether you're a seasoned swimmer or just starting out, this innovative mode ensures that everyone can relish a remarkable water experience.


Color: Orange

Customer Reviews

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Compliments C1 scooter

This is a great accessory for the Lefeet C1; useless for any other purpose though, so beware. (Well, I guess you can use it alone but it's an odd design for "just" a kickboard.) But if you have the C1, this fits perfectly and makes it really easy to swim and play. It also makes the C1 easier to handle and adds buoyancy when it's not under power. Once I ran the battery down during a long swim and was really glad to have the kickboard just to get the scooter back to shore.

Matthew B
It floats

It works great with or without the scooter.

Straight Outta Scranton
Must Have Accessory

Compliments the C1 water scooter (not included) so well. It's a great way for kids to have fun with the scooter while keeping their heads above water. Excellent quality, colorful, seamless fit and lots of fun.

Jason R
Great addon for the C1 underwater scooter!

Kudos to Lefeet for offering a range of different products that work with their scooter. We've tried out a couple of underwater scooters, and the Lefeet products are definitely as well designed, easy to use, and just plain awesome looking as any on the market. The swimming kickboard is such a fun accessory... it takes just seconds to attach and remove the Lefeet scooter, and floats just fine both with and without the scooter attached. Once it's set up, two trigger switches, located in the perfect spot at the front of the kickboard, allow you to engage the Lefeet C1 motor and will have you zipping along the surface of the water in no time.

For those that aren't quite comfortable using an underwater scooter fully submerged, the kickboard adds an excellent option for having fun while staying up at the surface of the water.

Square Rigger
This Is A Kickboard, Minus the Scooter

I was searching for a kickboard to use in the pool as part of physical therapy (after a knee replacement). The scooter in the photos caught my eye, but this is only the kickboard. It does allow for a GoPro to be attached which is kinda' cool. I ordered this for the kickboard, and may consider the scooter once I get further along.

The orange color is great, highly visible, and I think this will work as well for adults as for kids.

Just be sure you read the description carefully and know this is the kickboard and the scooter is something you can add later.