To thank our loyal customers (S1/S1 PRO/C1) for their ongoing support, we have an exclusive offer. Complete your LEFEET P1 Kickstarter pledge to receive a free 100Wh P1 battery as our thank-you gift. 🎁

👉 How to Claim:
1. Pledge LEFEET P1 on Kickstarter during the crowdfunding campaign period.
2. Complete the simple CLAIM FORM here.
(KS backer number of LEFEET P1, previous product serial number and a photo)
3. We will reach out to you regarding the status of your application once the crowdfunding campaign is completed.

📅 This offer is only available between 6th March to 19th April 2024.

* Exclusively for LEFEET S1/S1 PRO/C1 customers
** The number of free 100Wh batteries will be based on the number of P1 units purchased on Kickstarter. We will match it with your order on Kickstarter after the campaign is completed.

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