LEFEET SEAGULL C1 - 最通用的模块化水上滑板车

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Multiple Functions

Modular Design

With its compact and user-friendly modular design, it offers a seamless experience.

The dual-motor system ensures stability and effortless operation, making it ideal for scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Standard Mode

LEFEET C1 boasts two powerful motors, providing impressive underwater thrust.

With the inclusion of two speed gears, LEFEET C1 enables you to switch between speeds of 1.3m/s and 1.6m/s, ideal for exploring depths of up to 30 meters beneath the surface.

Fizzyfloat Unicorn

Create unforgettable family summer memories with bonding, outings, and pool parties.

When the unicorn meets LEFEET C1, an enchanting beauty comes to life.

Get ready to elevate your summer experience with Fizzyfloat Unicorn, the perfect choice for endless fun in the sun!


Enables the whole family to indulge in aquatic activities while still retaining the professional functionality needed to explore the ocean.

Whether you're a seasoned swimmer or just starting out, this innovative mode ensures that everyone can relish a remarkable water experience.

Why Do You Need A Water Scooter?

Hands-on Review

User Feedback

This underwater electric scooter is a real blast. It works just like you think it does.

You really feel like you're a fish with this underwater scooter, and I'm incredibly impressed with the battery power.

This water scooter is going to provide a lot of fun this summer.

It's going to make the entire experience so much better. It is very small and compact and will pack away very easily in your checked luggage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Mark Orlando
This thing is amazing and the kids literally fight over it every day

The price is steep, but this thing is really awesome. I am 210 and it glides me through the water with relative ease. My kids that weigh 60lbs glide through the water like fish. It is easy to use, easy to charge, easy to put together and packaged very well. Battery is very difficult to remove but not a big deal. Hold the knob to the right for 3 seconds to turn unit on. It has 2 speeds, slow or fast which are selected by simply turning the knob. The battery life is visible and last about 30 minutes on high speed and 45-50 minutes on low speed. Kids love it............and so do many of the adults.


Bought for my 6' teenage son as a gift. We were worried it wouldn't be very strong and barely move him through the water but we're pleasantly surprised. Obviously it moves smaller people faster but it moves at a perfect pace even with an adult. We've taken it to springs and used it with fins which make you go especially fast. Our whole family uses it and loves it. The battery life is decent. Probably an hour.

Have only used it for a couple of minutes...

Because so far the water is too cold but it operates as it is supposed to and we are excited to give it a better try. As certified divers we are hoping that it will allow us to navigate for easily through currents and add a little more excitement to some of the dives. We also think it will be fun to try in our fresh water lake even just to zip around the surface for fun. The quality seems to be very good and the build looks well designed. We will update if we find anything concerning

Great addition to summer vacation

This is a very neat device that's been a great addition to summer vacation! I was skeptical at the power, but you can feel like a James Bond moment as this pulls you along, and if you swim with it, you can go quite fast. There's no real assembly required, just charge the battery, insert it and ride. It lasted impressively long, more than I expected for a motor of this power. We used it for about a hour, and it worked quite powerfully the whole time. It will pull you along without you having to swim at all if you want. Quite a powerful device for the size, and very cool. I was worried about the battery and possible water leakage, but after several uses, no issues have come up, this seems quite well made and should last.

Jeff N
Great budget water scooter

I finally got a chance to try out this scooter and I'm quite impressed. While I haven't yet used it with me in the water (still too cold) I used it to drive my paddleboard. It provides more thrust than I expected and works surprisingly well to motor around at a casual pace. I tell that it will work well for snorkeling and shallow diving in a month or so and I'm looking forward to it.

Assembly is easy, as is operation. Battery lasts for quite a while. I have yet to run it to empty. The price is better that the pro models, so you can get your feet wet without a sizeable investment.