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Fizzyfloat Unicorn,夏日度假的完美伴侣!




当独角兽遇见LEFEET C1,一种迷人的美丽油然而生……

准备好使用 Fizzyfloat Unicorn 提升您的夏季体验,它是在阳光下享受无尽乐趣的完美选择!


Customer Reviews

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Heavy Duty
Stays inflated, large enough for two

I haven’t been able to try this with the motor yet since I don’t have one and it doesn’t come with one. However, we just use it as a typical float in our pool. It stays inflated well and it’s large enough for both my daughter and I.

Jason R
Super fun addition to the C1 scooter

We've had a chance to try out a few underwater scooters, and I have to say Lefeet does as good a job as any manufacturer of supporting their products. The accessories they've made so far for their C1 underwater scooter are great, and this giant inflatable unicorn is such a fun way for the kids to get new use out of the scooter.

The inflatable itself is very well made with thick, durable material, and includes a patch kit in case we ever have an issue with it. It's large enough to hold three of our little ones and still carry them around the pool at a few mph. And the C1 is super easy to attach or detach -- no more than a few seconds is all it takes.

Overall a great addition to an excellent product line.

Maggie E Stewart

Got this for the lake, it's big enough for a cpl of adults, lots of fun, not real heavy, high quality material not easy to bust, n w the scooter under I can pull kids around while in the water. Which makes it a lot of fun

Love it!

This unicorn inflatable is a hit with my kids during pool time! The remote control adds an extra layer of fun, and its durability has impressed me. I highly recommend it for a magical water experience.

Gracie Lou
Unicorn Float

I was very disappointed to find this was just a float. But it is well made. I don't think that justifies the price but I guess it's my fault for not thoroughly reading the ad.